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What is the difference between a traditional and a lawn type grave?

A traditional grave is one that may have monumental work and kerbing within the boundaries of the entire grave-site. A lawn grave, which cannot be enclosed with kerbing, is located within a lawn area with a monument or plaque placed at the head of the grave. The size of the lawn grave monument is restricted to certain height, depth and length limits.

How many interments can take place in a grave?

Usually a grave site will allow three internments or burials, one above the other. Cremated ashes can be interred in graves also.

Do I have to be buried in a cemetery?

Yes, the law decrees you will be buried in a public cemetery. However, it is possible for a burial to take place on land other than at a public cemetery with approval from the Hon Minister for Local Government.

Can I or you or my family choose a grave for me?

Yes, your family may personally select a grave plot at any cemetery. By making an appointment at the cemetery of your choice you or the family will be shown all available sites. There will be in most cases an extra charge by the cemetery for this service.

Do I go straight to the crematorium chapel or do I wait at the cemetery entrance?

At most crematorium facilities the funeral cortege will arrive at the main driveway where they will wait until the scheduled time. Mourners follow behind the cars and will proceed to the chapel or place of committal.