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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions may help to answer your questions surrounding funeral practices.

This page shows the questions that are most frequently asked, however if your question isn’t listed here please do not hesitate to contact Archer and Sons Funeral Homes directly on 9725 7811.

We will get back to you within 24 hours during office hours or directly after a public holiday or weekend.

Why have a funeral?

Like any other anniversary or event a funeral is a celebration – a celebration of a life lived. It provides family and friends with the opportunity to reflect on that life and to formally say their fairwells.

What types of funeral options are available?

There are essentially three options – cremation, burial or interment in a mausoleum or crypt.

Can I have a funeral on a Saturday or Sunday?

Yes, funerals can be arranged on weekends by prior arrangement; however will be an additional cost factor involved in Directors fees and cemetery charges.

How long is the time between passing away & when the funeral service is held?

There is no set, legal or normal time for this but the average funeral service usually takes place within a week or so of someone’s passing.