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Many people who attended were commenting on how beautiful the funeral was. There was a real sense of joy at the end when we came back for the wake. I would recommend Archer’s without a doubt.
Josephine, Donnybrook WA

It was a very sad occasion for me. But, the way they put it over at the funeral was out of this world.
Mick, Eaton WA

They were professional and knew what they were doing. I was very confident that these were good people. To go through the same experience again, which no doubt I will, I know exactly where I’ll be going and that is to Archers.
Neva, Perth WA

The whole Archer family were brilliant they were very professional. They’re comfortable to deal with in a time where your feelings and emotions are just going crazy.
Lisa, Leschanault WA

I think they have a really good understanding of people, how to treat people at such a time. I really like the way that they do their business. You just wouldn’t have got that anywhere else.
Issaac, Bunbury WA

I found them very, very good; very kind, considerate and compassionate. I would just recommend them.
Hennie, Eaton WA

We could see that nothing was too much trouble for them.
Ron, Bunbury WA

Everything ran very, very smoothly. Our whole family was very happy. The Archer family is friendly, but very professional.
Steve, Augusta WA

I’ve dealt with a few people who have had family deaths and straight away I always recommend the Archers. They’re very personal while being professional.
Daniel, Millbridge WA